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We chose the name "EQUULEUS" because of its meaning.  Equuleus (pronounced ee-cool-ee-us) is actually one of the smallest constellations in the heavens and it's meaning is "The Little Horse".  It is a perfect fit for a small breed of dog known for it's resemblance to a little horse.

 Although we are members of the Canadian Kennel Club, we are not a kennel.  We are just a family who has fallen head over heals with this wonderful breed of dog. Our dogs are our family.  They live in our home and sleep in our beds. It truly is a dogs life in our home and we wouldn't have it any other way! 

Our breedings will be very selective, paying particular attention to health and temperment.  Our Chinese Crested puppies are raised "under-foot" and are well socialized both with people and other animals in our home.  Puppies will only be available on occasion to approved homes and will be registered with the CKC.. Proudly sharing our love for Chinese Cresteds and encouraging an awakening of popularity in South-eastern Ontario.

We would like to introduce to you the two spoiled rotten cresteds responsible for our obsession with this wonderful breed:

                    MAJI'S SHOOT TO THRILL "Stryker"     &      CRESTIQUE'S BALLROOM BLITZ "London"



                                  LONDON/STRYKER LITTER!!!

                        PUPS HAVE ARRIVED!!!   07 JULY 2012!!!

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